5 Personality Traits That Make You A Better Designer

By thedesignvillage, May 1, 2018

“Don’t just be a designer, be a Good one!”


We live in a made-up world and design is an integral part of our being. We are surrounded by various elements that elicit a different form of creativity and experience. Different people have a different perspective and a unique way to process their space.
Designing is one such unique form that influences our lifestyle and living. The art of designing can be branched out to multiple dimensions but each extension connects to a sole component of imaginative thinking and responsiveness to external stimuli.

Here are some personality traits that once balanced out and shaped can make a person a great designer-

1. Be Lazy- Yes laziness is one such trait that leads to procrastination but when guarded in a meaningful manner can spell out exceptional designs. Studies have shown that lazy lads are highly attentive and never miss out on minute details. Designers sometimes need to slow down and simply observe the cosmos around them.

2. Be Communicative- Communicative doesn’t equal to being talkative. The role of a great designer is to convey a message with every piece of art they work on thus designers needs to communicate well through their design. A lot of design curators converse fluently without even having to speak!

3. Be your own Critic– Critical analysis is one such tool that guarantees higher success rate and is a great way of evaluation. Design enthusiast needs to be self-critical and dome into higher forms of evaluation on their own.

4. Be on a constant Hunt- We are surrounded by inspirations! Each element that is reflected in the mirror of our minds leaves an impression consciously or unconsciously. Designers are exposed to a space that is changing rapidly and one needs to rush before ideas are rotten. They continuously challenge themselves and strive to achieve desired goals that satisfy their urge.


5. Be open to change- Besides the fact that creative curators are remarkable at creating something extraordinary out of nothing, they are just as great in refining things. Designers function on a chronic rush to make everything better and more advanced. The quality of ‘Being on a Constant Hunt’ is the prerequisite to exceptional design work.

So open up your mind garage and refurnish your skills to be a tactful designer.

Designers are not just creative thinkers but are great influencers too. Design addicts extract inspiration even from the minimal source and carve exceptional artworks. Designing is not just a skill but represents a human psyche and elicits the power of imagination.

At The Design Village, we help you evolve and cultivate not just the designing ability but we aim to water your thought process.