Core Team

The Design Village is an interdisciplinary, industrycentric design institute, based out of noida, India. ‘The’ emphasizes the aspiration to be a premier center. ‘Design’ signifies the focus of this centre and the ‘Village’ brings in the flavour of a mix – that of institutes, associations, studios, industries, students and faculty all co-existing, co-operating and collaborating within a whole.

The idea of The Design Village was initiated in 2010 when an extensive worldwide research was undertaken by core-team members to study the design education landscape and the future of the profession. Following this in 2012, with encouragement from the Dutch government, a curriculum team was formed with professors from TU Delft, the Netherlands.

In 2014, The Design Village, commenced with its first batch of post-graduate students along with a unique collaboration with a French school – L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique. TDV served as the India campus for LEDDNA’s programme of Transcultural design and invited TDV students for an International semester on its campus.

The core team anchors the overall ambition of the project through administration, academics, internationalization and industry relations.

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