The Design Village is an interdisciplinary, industrycentric design institute, based out of noida, India. ‘The’ emphasizes the aspiration to be a premier center. ‘Design’ signifies the focus of this centre and the ‘Village’ brings in the flavour of a mix – that of institutes, associations, studios, industries, students and faculty all co-existing, co-operating and collaborating within a whole.
TDV has an inspiring International Board of professors and professionals that have been instrumental in developing its curriculum. The International Board of advisors ensures that the philosophy flows seamlessly in all TDV’s activities.
It focuses on monitoring the quality of content through faculty development masterclasses, student lectures, workshops and gives TDV an international network of visiting faculty to come and inspire villagers.
The advisors have been a part of TDV’s early days and now help to translate the vision of the village into action.

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