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the design village- where design enthusiasts evolve with design!
the design village- where design enthusiasts evolve with design!
the design village is an interdisciplinary and industry-centric design institute with a mission to be a global hub for design education to promote and support development through design. we have an array of courses for bachelors and masters degree in design. tdv campus on the other hand is an interplay of associated disciplines, technologies, and management competencies which come together to deliver equipped design solutions. through a comprehensive design education structure, we aim to inspire designers of the future to be creative thinkers while enabling them to design with the desirable impact. tdv works closely with industry professionals to maintain a strong focus on the real-world and thus the application of design stands firmly with its principle – life through design. in addition, we organize meaningful faculty and student exchanges with international centers of design to encourage the development of a truly global design quotient.

tdv's admission process
tdvee is a specifically designed test that assesses an individual’s various dimensions. tdv has imbibed a multicultural approach and is spread across the nation in cities like- delhi, mumbai, bangalore, bhopal, kochi, lucknow, chandigarh, noida, and kolkata. the institute’s entrance test
is branched out to multiple channels reflecting upon the intrinsic personality traits that a capable design curator must inherit.

  • aptitude test

tdv’s aptitude test focuses majorly on finding out the competencies of candidates for undertaking the design programs offered here. to gauge the domain-related intellectual capacity of candidates in terms of parallel, applied reasoning, and systematic basic reasoning, tdv has designed an aptitude test which holds the capacity to produce various and conceivably conflicting potential outcomes in candidates’ minds through tests measuring their verbal, numerical, and reasoning abilities. the test even aims to fathom the social and political mindfulness, recognition and perception aptitudes, and the ability to produce contemporary thoughts taking the conventional wisdom into due consideration.

  • situational test

the situational test at tdv tests the candidates with realistic yet hypothetical scenarios and asks the test takers to build models around the same, which has been identified as a brilliant method to check the creative and innovative skills with respect to spontaneity. the test focuses to surface the inventive/experimental/imaginative and artistic capabilities of the candidates by putting them into a time-bound situation and indulging their minds to construct something meaningful. the situational test helps to delineate the constructive thought-process of the candidate as well as his behavioral tendency and personality.

  • group discussion

tdv’s group discussion test assesses the candidates on the basis of their communication skills, in-depth analysis and interpretation of the topic in question, team work and how influential a candidate is in persuading or directing others. it also gives us the opportunity to assess and observe the behavior of candidates in action. the theme or the topic provided during the group discussion round is often an issue which the candidates will face in their future designing career or while collecting design knowledge at tdv.

admit card

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kindly read all the instructions carefully before proceeding further. additionally, candidates are requested to check tdv’s website for more updates.

sample paper
sample paper I – UG-Entrance-Paper-2016-1st-cycle
sample paper II – UG-Entrance-Paper-2016-2st-cycle