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We offer Product Design courses incorporating a user-centric approach

Product design courses aim at developing ideas to create a new product incorporating a user-centric approach. We at The Design Village, which is considered as one of the best product design colleges in Delhi, provides an extensive course, aiming at understanding the entire sphere of product design in a period of two years. The focal point of the first semester is building a strong foundation by revisiting the basics with relation to color, elements, design, communication, history and the current electives. The second semester gives an exposure to the technical nuances of product design with the material study, user experience, form studies, ergonomics and digital fabrication at its core.

This is followed by an international semester that opens up the students to greater learning opportunities. Finally, the last semester is directed at writing a dissertation thesis and a design project, complemented with lectures on professionalization, all included under product design course. The integrated curriculum of Product design, therefore, encompasses the understanding of the field in an industry context. We have structured our curriculum to enhance the ability of our students to work with a team and as professional individuals

level: postgraduate (m. des)
duration:  2 years
mode:  full time
seats:  10
accreditation: degree from shri venkateshwara university, gajraula(ugc recognised) and certificate by l’ecole de design nantes atlantique, france