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sourabh sir pro,
sourabh gupta
founder and design dean, tdvsourabh attended the school of architecture, cept university in ahmedabad, india and graduated magna cum laude. he also spent a year at the architecture faculty of tu delft, the netherlands. driven by a compulsive need to design, travel, and explore, sourabh started his professional design practice – studio archohm – in 2000.sourabh has a comprehensive vision and understanding of the impact design can have on society: “the design village was born out of the need to create an ecosystem that was completely dedicated to design and its application. tdv’s holistic environment – that allows co-creation with some of the best design professionals and practitioners in the field – will definitely help students to thrive and become all-round designers.

navneet garg
founder and industry dean, tdvnavneet garg, spent the last two decades in a global impact-driven business, as chief operating officer of vestergaard’s global water business, which works towards innovating life-saving products and millennium development goals. with an inspiration to create a pipeline of social innovations for india ,navneet set up caya constructs. the idea behind caya was to innovate at a scale which creates an impact and steers india closer to sustainable development goals .tdv is navneet’s passion project. he believes design can solve problems at all levels, specially at a social level in the country. tdv will work towards inculcating design thinking for social innovation, which can make designers have the power to question and proclaim the essential challenges of today and tomorrow for india and for the world.

rishi ag
rishi aggarwal
founder, tdvrishi aggarwal, is the managing director, jcbl group. under his leadership, the group has grown substantially in last 20 years. jcbl’s biggest enabler for growth has been it’s strength in design. conceptualizing, designing and building customized solutions like motor homes, election campaign vans, luxury coaches and much more has made jcbl largest mobility solution provider in the country.rishi believes, design is to business what evolution is to nature and understanding the gap of interdisciplinary and industry-centric design education in india accompanied with a dearth of design engineers, which can take indian brands to the top was his inspiration to start ‘the design village’.


core team

our core team is invaluable to the tdv experience.

deeply committed to tdv philosophy and proud to be tdv villagers, the members of this team are the backbone of the institute and a superb resource for students when it comes to all things tdv.

among a myriad other functions, the core team is responsible for: overall organization and administration of activities at tdv; management of partner relationships, outreach programs, events and travel; marketing and branding; and above all, building goodwill for the institute in their roles as ambassadors and custodians of tdv.

abhishek sharma
abhishek sharma
chief executive officer
amit deb
amit deb
manager | branding & outreach
satish kumar
administration & logistics
silky raina
silky raina
asst.manager admissions
vikas giri
graphic designer
tiju Alexander
Tiju Alexander
IT support & infrastructure
mandeep kaur
mandeep kaur
admissions & outreach