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life through design

tdv was born out of a responsibility towards design, towards society, towards india and the world at large. our mission is to be a global hub for design education, and to promote and support development through design.

we believe that life and design are synonymous with each other. through a comprehensive design education, we aim to inspire designers of the future and to connect design with impact.

an international, interdisciplinary, and industry-centric design institute

we organize meaningful faculty and student exchanges with international centers of design. these immersive cross-cultural dialogues help us to develop a truly global design quotient.

on the tdv campus, associated disciplines, technologies and management competencies come together to deliver design solutions. the entire space is planned in a manner that encourages essential interdisciplinary interactions.

tdv works closely with industry professionals to maintain a strong focus on the real-world relevance and application of design. fundamentally, the design village is an energetic and thoughtful place where courageous and compassionate designers are taught the importance of perseverance and empathy in the creative process.

l’école de design nantes atlantique

all undergraduate and postgraduate programs at tdv have been developed and validated by l’école de design nantes atlantique.

the design village serves as one of the two asia campuses (shanghai and delhi) for l’école. students from l’école can opt to come to tdv for a masters program in transcultural design. l’école invites all tdv students to spend one semester on their campus in france. this unique exchange between the two schools epitomizes the cross-cultural dialogue that is vital to design in the 21st century.

supported by the chamber of commerce and industry of nantes, l’école is a private institution for higher education dedicated to design professions in france. founded in 1988 and recognized by the state, the school is a non-profit organization member of the conférence des grandes écoles (top-tier french higher education institutions). l’ecole is ranked 2nd in france in a national ranking of schools preferred by professionals. its focus on professionalization in partnership with companies makes it an ideal partner for the design village.

dessau institute of architecture

bauhaus has a special role to play in the history of 20th century culture, architecture, design, art, and new media. as a school of design, the bauhaus revolutionalised artistic and architectural thinking and production worldwide, and is considered a headstone of the modern age. opened on 4 december 1926, walter gropius’ famous school building marks the start of the bauhaus establishing itself in dessau, germany. it was and still remains one of the most fascinating buildings in the history of modern architecture.

the design village, in cooperation with the dessau institute of architecture, offers an intense full-time four-month masterclass in urbanity and architecture.

shri venkateshwara university

shri venkateshwara university (svu), gajraula is a private university established through an act (no. 26 of 2010) of up state legislature. the university is registered under ugc, with strength of more than 10,000 students. it was founded in 2010 for higher education in engineering, management and many other fields. the bachelors and masters degree in design provided by tdv is conferred upon by svu.